Distance Healing

Distance healing is an effectual and helpful, spiritual ,psychological ,pranic system of channeling energies to an individual /situation /circumstance /who/which is not physically present before us. Distance healing presents the inimitable and exclusive divine favors of guiding positive ways of life to others. Distance healing surpasses the boundaries of terrestrial conditions and can be sent to any place, person and situation. REIKI distance healing is one of the main methods of healing in which special symbol for distance healing is used. Distance healing believes in principle of harmony and togetherness .

Distance healing conveys meaningful brightness on the notion that whole of the world is related and united. It is principally performed to improve vigorous inequalities in one’s environment. One can get constructive and progressive solutions of his/her problems as it helps one to eliminate impure and obstructive energies from one’s aura and also forms one’s personality which is his real self .distance healing can be performed from any place city or country to any other place .only thing which is required is the picture or some other details of the person in the question or needful being to bring about convincing and effective psychological and spiritual connection with the person concerned.