Jati Smaran (PLR)

Past Life Regression – Introduction

Is there any soul, what happens to the soul when the body dies .The soul is the spark of life that activates everybody and enables one to function. Soul can be compared to a driver and body to a vehicle. When a person dies we say “he has passed away. Now who has passed away? The body of the person still lies there. The truth is that the source of life , the soul, has passed away from the body and therefore the person is now called dead and what happens at death the soul passes to another body. Bhagwad Gita also explains transmigration with an analogy as the person puts on new garments giving up the old ones similarly , the soul accepts the new material bodies ,giving up the old and useless ones (1.22) . “LIFE AFTER DEATH “, TRANSMIGRATION, REINCARNATION, ASTRAL TRAVEL, PAST LIFE REGRESSION, these topics are much talked about these days. Past life regression is the great tool for many of mental emotional problems.