Swasthaya Sanjivan Shakti Sadhana

A total rejuvenation program for healthy body, healthy mind and blissful soul. Swasthaya Sanjivan Shakti Sadhana has been designed by yogi BUDDHDEVA for attaining a sound disease free body ,relaxed and stress free mind and a fully charged nervous system(with prana). Modern lifestyle factors such as lack of physical activity, irregular diet, smoking, consuming alcohol, innocently manifest themselves as high blood pressure, hyper cholesterol, diabetes and many other ailments and then without warning, strike fatally as heart attack, cancer and such other fearsome diseases.

In modern times stress is said to be the root cause of all major problems. Stress is the composite term for anxiety, tension, depression, frustration, anger and is accompanied by variety of physical response including palpitation, excessive sweating, indigestion, headache and weakness. If the stressful conditions persist, the body’s resistance is sapped away. Imbalances in the autonomic nervous system, endocrine glands occur. The more of the poisonous fluids are secreted in the blood streams which are the main cause of many diseases. The blood becomes impure, toxic and acidic.

This very program charges the whole body, with prana, oxygenate the blood to the optimum level and in the process the blood is de-carbonized to the maximum level. Our whole nervous system is electrified and the neurons are pepped up with energy and pranic nutrition. This sadhna en-livens the whole being of the practitioner and sharpen the faculties of his mind and awakens certain dormant centers in his brain-body. At the spiritual level also, if practice regularly there are transformative changes in the practitioner and he /she stays healthy, happy and youthful all the time.