Deva Eternal Yoga Holistic Health & Research Foundation

DEVA ETERNAL YOGA FOUNDATION is a social /educational / cultural and spiritual organization Dedicated to the cause of human health, development of human potentials and spiritual elevation of individuals for the fuller growth, meaningful and blissful life. “BEING BLISSFUL BEING” is the prime motto of the organization.

Deva Eternal Yoga Foundation aims at promoting integrated physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual health, growth and development, mainly through yogic culture, meditations, teachings, discussions, prayers and also through various social-educational -cultural and charitable services.

About Us

The divine inspirations comes from God, Almighty, the very creator of this universe whom we know by different names, we bow to that pure Shiva consciousness who resides in the hearts of all of us as SAT-CHIDANANDA ,eternal consciousness blissful being ,the real nature of souls.

SWAMI SATYANANDA , my DADA GURU dedicated his whole life for the upliftment of human consciousness by teaching and spreading the message of yoga. He taught especially Kriya yoga and Kundalini yoga. He taught how to be in yoga consciousness eternally and stay blissful and aware all the time .He is the beacon light of our inspiration in this age. Following his footsteps SWAMI NIRANJANANANDA SARASWATI, who is a symbol of unconditional love, is always inspiring us.

Kriya Kundalini Yoga

Kriya-Kundalini Yoga is the science of awakening dormant human potential , realizing one’s true nature and at the same time bringing transformations in a human being. KRIYA YOGA is a method of ancient yogic wisdom, given to us by great yogi, rishis, saints and seers. The prime purpose of KRIYA YOGA itself is awakening “KUNDALINI” whereas Kundalini Yoga Sadhna aims at raising KUNDALINI. I prefer calling this system as “KRIYA-KUNDALINI YOGA”. Kriya yoga or Kundalini yoga one can use the terms interchangeably. There is nothing in name, the main essence lies in understanding and practicing this science and raising the awareness to the highest level.

KRIYA – KUNDALINI YOGA is a powerful system of meditation best suited for modern times which promises perfect health, peace of mind and blissful living. KRIYA-KUNDALINI YOGA is the fastest and surest way for self realization. It is the most scientific technique for the evolution of mankind and save humanity from misfortune and destruction. It is the essence of all the schools of yoga and is different and unique in its own way. The purpose of all branches of yoga is to awaken Kundalini. KRIYA – KUNDALINI YOGA aims directly for raising one’s awareness, opening psychic centers (chakras), bringing healing effect to the mind and body and helping the practitioner to realize his own self.

Jati Smaran (PLR)

Past Life Regression – Introduction

Is there any soul, what happens to the soul when the body dies .The soul is the spark of life that activates everybody and enables one to function. Soul can be compared to a driver and body to a vehicle. When a person dies we say “he has passed away. Now who has passed away? The body of the person still lies there. The truth is that the source of life , the soul, has passed away from the body and therefore the person is now called dead and what happens at death the soul passes to another body. Bhagwad Gita also explains transmigration with an analogy as the person puts on new garments giving up the old ones similarly , the soul accepts the new material bodies ,giving up the old and useless ones (1.22) . “LIFE AFTER DEATH “, TRANSMIGRATION, REINCARNATION, ASTRAL TRAVEL, PAST LIFE REGRESSION, these topics are much talked about these days. Past life regression is the great tool for many of mental emotional problems.

Atma Bodha Sadhana

It is a systematic spiritual course based on the Yoga – Vedanta and other philosophies and on the wisdom of great seers, saints and yogis helping us to know the real nature of us.

This course unfolds the mysteries of birth, death, purpose of life, our real home, who we really are, law of karma etc. It is a course which brings us closer to ourselves and makes us how we can best live our present lives in time with divinity

This method is useful to us for gaining the perfect knowledge about human life, its’ structure, mental, emotional functions and element of soul. Besides, in the light of yoga, tantra and upnishad we come to know about our subtle body in terms of pranas, nadis, chakra, antahkaran, panchmahabhutas, panchgyanendriyas (sense-organs), panchkarmendriyas. (Organs of action) It also throws light on four fold existence of the SELF i.e. the four dimensions of the consciousness, Jagrat, swapna, sushupti and turiya. We also come to know the connection between spirit and matter (energy). As a matter of fact this course is very interesting, uplifting and enlightening one and is suited to all minds of inquisitive nature.