Nava Yogini Mahima Shakti

This is special program for empowering the women and training them in respect of their social status, self- honor, dignity, their worthiness, their potentialities and making them spiritually aware of their being. This is an educational program about how a woman should live a meaningful life performing their family and social roles with valued freedom, pride and honor. This training equips them and makes them fit, strong and balanced at all levels i.e. physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual .

This program will enhance their understanding that they too are free souls and a special being in world of existence. They would be able to give positive dimensions to their lives with confidence, zeal and wisdom. This training is to bring inner awakening in the women today. It is a life transforming training program for spiritual growth, enlightenment and blissful living for women at home office or college, for the renewed zest for life and self empowering attitude.