Atma Bodha Sadhana

It is a systematic spiritual course based on the Yoga – Vedanta and other philosophies and on the wisdom of great seers, saints and yogis helping us to know the real nature of us.

This course unfolds the mysteries of birth, death, purpose of life, our real home, who we really are, law of karma etc. It is a course which brings us closer to ourselves and makes us how we can best live our present lives in time with divinity

This method is useful to us for gaining the perfect knowledge about human life, its’ structure, mental, emotional functions and element of soul. Besides, in the light of yoga, tantra and upnishad we come to know about our subtle body in terms of pranas, nadis, chakra, antahkaran, panchmahabhutas, panchgyanendriyas (sense-organs), panchkarmendriyas. (Organs of action) It also throws light on four fold existence of the SELF i.e. the four dimensions of the consciousness, Jagrat, swapna, sushupti and turiya. We also come to know the connection between spirit and matter (energy). As a matter of fact this course is very interesting, uplifting and enlightening one and is suited to all minds of inquisitive nature.