Sumedha Shakti Sadhna

Sumedha Shakti Sadhna as revealed and propounded by Yogi Buddhadeva, is a scientific yogic technique comprising of modified pranayam ,meditation and other kriyas for the youth of today especially students and professionals. By practicing this kriya one can boost up one’s brain power, oxygenate the brain cells (neurons)at the optimum levels and can charge the whole nervous system with pranic energy . This especially designed meditative technique/kriya brings harmony and functional balance in both hemispheres of the brain. An average student can emerge into a highly brilliant student because it is a spiritual as well as scientific sadhna.

This yogic kriya brings, if practiced regularly, multifold increase in memory, intelligence, concentration and boosts up the confidence in the practitioner. It is great tool in the hands of students and professionals to ensure extraordinary success in academic and competitive exams. By practicing this kriya one can easily get rid of certain bad habits like smoking ,alcoholism ,drugs and such other addictive problems/evils .The practitioner can overcome various mental maladies and negativities of life like fear ,anger, over sensuality, depression ,frustration and emotional blockages. Sumedha kriya is a great tool for attaining the goal of sound body and sound mind, and a state of perennial inner equilibrium.