Kriya-Bhakti Yoga

Kriya Bhakti yoga is a path of devotion and selfless action. BHAKTI YOGA is said to be the best as per BHAGWAD GITA. There are two words in KRIYA BHAKTI i.e. kriya and bhakti. In kriya bhakti , KRIYA implies being action oriented, being dutiful, being dynamic and on the path of service and one’s very dharma (svabhava). Being immersed in God consciousness, self consciousness, performing one’s duties being ego-less and surrendering the fruits of action to the God.
I prefer call it KRIYA BHAKTI YOGA because the bhakti should not be confused with being getting away from one’s duties towards his own family, society or himself and seeking shelter in inactive world. For me a BHAKTI YOGI means a blissful, dynamic, wisdom – oriented, action oriented person with utter humbleness and a symbol of unconditional love. The methods and techniques of KRIYA BHAKTI YOGA is amalgamation of kundalini, dhyana and bhakti yoga. Kriya – Bhakti Yoga is a scientific technique of improving quality of life and creating eternal bliss .