Deva Kriya

DEVA KRIYA- is the science of higher yoga. We can also say that it is the science of Soul,the science of raising human consciousness which implies awakening of wisdom, development of potentials, creativity and skills. It also means living spontaneously to the fullest and fulfilling your desires in light of divine desires.

When wisdom awakens clarity of thought and vision comes, will becomes strong, you come to an ease of life and live effortlessly performing all actions born out of SWABHAV in consonance with SWADHARMA.

DEVA KRIYA is the brain child of Yogi Buddhadeva as direct revealations happened to him during deep meditative states. He further modified the kriyas in in light of kundalini yoga, kriya yoga, tantra and upnishdic dharna for the highest benefits of mankind. DEVA KRIYA is the nice amalgamation of karma, gyan, bhakti and dhyan yoga for the blissful life and spiritual growth of human beings. This is an entirely new concept in spiritual world.