Training Programs

Training Programs

ISHT PRAPTI SADHANA(Fulfill your real wishes) is a systematic course by which you can attain your goals.

KRIYA SANJEEVNI SHAKTI brings out all your natural healing powers and makes you a source of divine vibrations.

STHAN SHUDDHI is a science to remove unwanted/heavy/ negative/ repeated energy blocking your growth and happiness from an area , home , office etc.

YOGA TEACHER TRAINING COURSE WITH CERTIFICATION- One month Residential Program. Employment and free lancing oppurtunity in India and abroad . Residential facility available for girls.

Past Life Regression
STHITHA PRAGYA stitha pragya (perfect stable man) is the mind of steadfast man. The term occurs in Bhagwad Geeta for a man of self control, self restrained, and of balanced mind. The man or a yogi of steadfast mind is the one who rules / reins the indriyas and guides them into action; He seems to be performing his Swadharma (duty) in a non attached way in accordance with his essential nature (swabhava). Actually speaking stitha pragya is one who is stable, un-shakable, steady, dependable, and unwavering.

Kundalini yoga in Chandigarh
NAVA YOGINI MAHIMA SHAKTI (the women of substance):This is special program for empowering women in all respects and all areas of life…

KRIYA TAROT – It is a scientific and mind empowering technique of tarot in which the querents mind and heart is prepared for the tarot session.