Mission And Vision

DEVA ETERNAL YOGA is a social/educational/cultural and spiritual organization Dedicated to the cause of human health, development of human potentials and spiritual elevation of individuals for the fuller growth, meaningful and blissful life. “BEING BLISSFUL BEING” is the prime motto of the organization. Deva Eternal Yoga aims at promoting integrated physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual health, growth and development, mainly through yogic culture, meditations, teachings, discussions, prayers and also through various social-educational -cultural and charitable services.

The organization aims to spread and promote the message of KRIYA-KUNDALINI YOGA, KRIYA-BHAKTI YOGA as propounded and imparted by YOGI BUDDHADEVA. DEVA ETERNAL YOGA is a registered, charitable and non- profit making organization running various social, educational and welfare programs. The organization is specially dedicated to run different welfare programs for Women, Children and other have-nots sections in the society .Besides above mentioned objectives it is also involved in running different projects/ programs for eradicating social evils like drug addiction (especially tobacco and liquor), female infanticide and other malpractices prevailing in society .The organization is also keen to achieve its objectives by proposing various projects and activities.