Advantages Of Past Life Regression Therapy

1) PAST LIFE REGRESSION THERAPY works as a therapeutic tool in healing psychological and physical distress caused by various intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

2) Helps in exterminating various kinds of tumors in the body caused by cancer.

3) Changes and helps an individual to remove negative patterns from his life and influences him to live normal, healthy and happy life.

4) Helps a person to communicate with higher self.

5) Helps in purification of KARMIC TIES .Also acts as a guiding factor in KARMA CLEANSING.

6) Helps to attain a new purpose in life and to focus better to create joyous abundance around him.

7) Helps one to understand the reason behind emotional outbursts, obstructed feelings, unexplainable physical pain which re-occur.

8) Helps in releasing overpowered or repressed thoughts.

9) Helps in overcoming the fear of death and helps one to discover his inner strength and capabilities.

10) Helps in revealing the root cause of certain fears and phobias .It helps one to develop his talents.

11) It helps in personal and spiritual growth as someone has rightly said that, we all are enlightened beings.