Defining Past Life Regression

PAST LIFE REGRESSION THERAPY is a dynamic approach which helps in accessing and recalling the reflections of the past lives in order to have appreciative and thoughtful understanding of some physical, emotional disorders which are at times very unsolvable and very difficult to describe. Past life regression helps us to have understanding of certain relationships which are intense and truly emotional but very troublesome at times. The evident notion behind this popular and effective practice is that reincarnation happens and subsists. During past life regression a facilitator helps you to relax your body and guides you in a right way so that you can reach in highly meditative state of mind. Once that stage is accomplished, the follower (subject) is regressed further to his past life. In this supreme meditative state the subject will be able to see the real causes behind his deep rooted fear and phobias and certain other peculiarities of one’s life. He narrates his experiences verbally. Subject is able to review his past life melodies and add them to his present life; the subject is able to remember major experiences which he experienced even after the completion of the PLR session. This is a transformational and informational therapy.


PAST LIFE REGRESSION IS BASED ON THE ORIGIN OF cause and effect (more appropriately known as law of karma. In PAST LIFE REGRESSION TECHNIQUE the entranced mind can go back track in an era and trace the roots of deep rooted emotional and psychological patterns and enable them to liberate them and rebuild and cure them.