Reincarnation And Karma

we reincarnate to learn lessons to evolve, to exhaust our karmas and to keep growing and evolving .Karma is the process of cause and effect or we may say law of karma as you sow so shall you reap .But Karma is not a system of reward and punishment but a method to learn lessons and grow in consciousness. It assists us shaping our individual characters. It plays an important role in our spiritual growth and over all evolution of the soul .Karma is associated with our emotions, behavior and thoughts and produce Samaskaras (Imprints in the mind and our soul) which again remold/reshape our personality and give rise to future karmas and the journey of the soul goes on and on but these Samskaras or cycle of karmas can be broken by following the path of yoga and spirituality and KRIYA KUNDALINI YOGA is one best way.

PAST LIFE REGRESSION (Appreciate your spiritual liberation and divine understanding.)

1. Having invincible and supreme knowledge about your past life is the fundamental and crucial element in understanding your present life your relationships with your loved ones.

2. In present life some of your behavioral patterns, your creative faculties, visions and intuitions are relatively influenced by some of your past lives.

3. Past life proposes for better insight, increased mindfulness and deep understanding of the nature of self.

4. Past life regression provides awe-inspiring, divine, pleasant and sensational experience of eternal bliss; it helps in purifying of the soul.

5. Past life regression is based on the idea that we all are spirited and enlightened souls who transmit learning and experiences from one lifetime to another to strengthen and pursue for spiritual enlightenment.

6. Past life regression makes journey of your life very simple, effortless, painless and much more satisfying and blissful.

7. Covers mystical beliefs like karma, life and mortality, life after death, rebirth, near death experiences.

8. We can help and heal ourselves through past life regression, which is an effective convincing and effectual technique in removing emotional blockages in a being and helps and individual in rebuilding his ruined relationships.

9. Past life regression is a complete remedial therapy which works on the physique (body), psyche (mind, feelings and soul.)