Karam yogi

This training program is for people in general. Here the karma yogi is especially designed program for those who whose working conditions are stressful and much demanding. These people are almost at work whether at home or in office and are short of time to relax properly. Their mind seems running all the time and they also are subject to the modern social lifestyle which is very taxing and they also fall prey to the emotional turbulence and travel into the trap of opposing emotions like love and hatred , like / dislike, joy / sorrow, pleasure/pain and are in a state of uncomfortable atmosphere. Because of all this their working skills, potentialities and creativity and power of endurance are affected badly. In this materialistic world the man today is running after mundane pleasure, money, and status, power without giving him a pause to think where actually he is going and where his destiny lies. As a matter of fact the man today is forgetful of his real self and is lost in the impermanent and illusionary world.

To maintain the inner tranquility, heightened awareness and a calm state of mind is what the karma yogi aims at. Moment to moment awareness of one’s physical and mental actions is the core theme of the karmyogi . the karma yogi is a meditative programming and training of the mind which reflects positively in the behavior and day to day working actions of the person. Energy is not exhausted in useless unfounded day dreaming and mental fabrication. the karma yogi teaches us how we should perform actions in society, in our profession and towards ourselves maintaining non attached outlook. the karma yogi also trains us how we can save our physical- mental energies maintain balanced emotional attitude and stay unaffected by the repercussions or results of our actions. the karma yogi brings perfection in our performance enhances our skills, creativity and joy. It is perfect and must do training program for corporate professionals, IT professionals, and people on top positions in government or non government sectors and industry. This program is best suited to those who want to enhance their potentialities. People in industry and in other similar jobs would be able to increase overall productivity in their respective job/organization. the karma yogi must be attended by those who want to know the art of effortless working and blissful living.