Yog Mudra Kriya Vigyan

Mudras are psycho-physiological, postures, attitudes or movements and are of different categories. A mudra is used to signify a gesture, a mystic position of the hand or a seal or a symbol. Yog mudras, as we understand them in yoga aim at rebalancing the energy field or pranic structure. Each mudra has a different effect on states or processes of consciousness and also on body, mind, feelings, emotions and prana. These mudras are capable of altering the moods, attitudes and the perception deepens the awareness and concentration. It is said traditionally, according to tantric text, that Lord Shiva was the first exponent of the mudras .

The tradition states that the practice of mudras alone can heal many of physical and mental ailments /problems and can also bestow any or all kinds of siddhis on the practitioner. In kriya yoga and in kundalini yoga Mudras are specifically used to deepen the process of meditation. Mudras influence the different centers of the brain and awaken the dormant energies. In the process of evolution of human consciousness, yoga mudras play a vital role and are a great help in reaching the goal .This very workshop is very useful in curing various physical, mental ailments and bring subtle changes in ones personality.